Find a Storyteller

There are many storytellers across the country, but it can be difficult to find the ones who work in your area or work with the size and nature of your particular group.  The list below should help you.  It is not comprehensive and, as the directory is paid for by the tellers themselves, listing here does not mean the Society endorses any particular teller.

Whilst there is no national set rate for a storyteller, the National Association of Writers in Education recommends a minimum daily rate of £250 per day for authors in schools. Many experienced tellers will charge much more than this, and the rate of pay for storytelling in other sectors, such as healthcare or business, may be much higher.

  • Warm, engaging and lively performer for both children and adults.
    Submitted by Sophie Snell | Last updated on 27/10/2016
  • Story Walker, Story Weaver,Teller of Tales, Creator of Modern Day Folk Tales
    Submitted by Steph Bradley | Last updated on 17/08/2017
  • Steve is particularly interested in the uses of storytelling in education and psychological therapies.
    Submitted by Steve Killick | Last updated on 13/04/2017
  • Storyteller with a real love of and enthusiasm for traditional stories from Lancashire
    Submitted by Sue Allonby | Last updated on 27/10/2016
  • Stories for every occasion
    Submitted by Sue Bailey | Last updated on 07/07/2017
  • Storyteller, author, bespoke workshopss
    Submitted by Sue Perks | Last updated on 18/01/2017
  • Stories captivate the imagination and touch the heart
    Submitted by Sue Povall | Last updated on 12/08/2017
  • I love telling stories and have been working and performing as a writer and storyteller in schools, librries and...
    Submitted by Susan Lacy | Last updated on 19/04/2017
  • Susan works with story to build our identity, help us understand our beliefs and values and encapsulate what truly...
    Submitted by Susan Macmillian | Last updated on 24/05/2017
  • Storyteller Red Phoenix
    Submitted by Terrie Howey | Last updated on 13/04/2017