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Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes

Sally-Anne is an author for adults and children
She is performing at Bolton Central Library, Le Mans Crescent BL1 1SE on Jan 27th 1.30pm and 3pm both free sessions. She does her 'travels around the world' she is originally from Spain, she grew up in Madrid but her family hail from a small village on the North coast, Tapia de Casariego.
She has collected stories from her travels to Sri Lanka, Philipppines, Malaysia and the Continent. Her main character she has is Mr Crocodile, he hails from Sri lanka and smuggled himself home in her hand luggage and resides in her freezer, he's very mischevious and always creates mayhem.
She often does part of her storytelling in Spanish and we add costumes, music and props to what we do.
I specialise in Viking and Scary stories, I'm performing at St Edwards College on Tuesday 23rd January.
Sally-Anne and I are doing Crosby Library on Weds 14th Feb 2pm
also at Formby Library on Saturday 10th Feb 10.30 and 11.30am
and Woodlands Primary school in Formby on Friday 2nd Feb too.
We have 4 sessions for Writing on the Wall Festival at Toxteth Library on the 4 Saturdays in May times tbc will know this week...
We are both delighted to be members and will tweet stuff and tag you guys when we do things.


Home Region: Liverpool