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Andreas Kornevall

I am a Swedish storyteller, mythographer, writer and environmentalist living in Lewes, East Sussex.  I am a contributing author of - a site which brings together top experts and authors writing about myths and folklore.  I have worked with with Sussex Past, the oldest archaeological society in the UK, to revive the ancient Pagan Anglo-Saxon Creation Myth, telling the story inside the iconic Lewes Castle and I have also been invited by the National Trust to contribute and to "re-story" landscapes and landmarks.  I am an active member of the "Forn Sed" (Old Customs Association) in Sweden which works closely with ancient Norse and Viking culture and traditions, unearthing old legends, forgotten folklore and endangered Norse languages alongside studying of Eddic poetry and myth.

All my tellings are accompanied with musical instruments such as drums, frame drums, Latvian Kokle, flutes and horns.

To get in touch for a performance or a workshop on Norse myths, please e-mail: andreas at

Work in: Greater London, South East, South West.  (please inquire for more far flung places).

As an environmentalist, I have co-founded the volunteer sending organisation and I am the Director of Operations for the (Charity reg. 1118951).  The charity works with over a thousand schools in the UK delivering ecological restoration by planting new woodlands and wildflower meadows.


Home Region: East Sussex