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Shane Ibbs

I  grew up with Oral Stories and Nursery Rhymes from my Dad. Some were classic tales, some were local tales and legends, some real life stories and looking back, some clearly made up stories. All my 3 children grew up with me reading Wisdom tales and also me telling them orally some classic folk tales and nursery rhymes. In the 1990's I came across the Storyteller John Row with my children and thought then, 'One day I want to do that'. Many years passed, along the way, I collected a few more books on Folk Tales and Nursery Rhymes, before I gathered the courage to attend, The International School of Storytelling, to learn how to tell Stories, in a more professional way. Since then I have become very enthused about storytelling developing my own way of Storytelling, that it is constantly evolving. I especially enjoy stories with a strong nature link. I am now  increasingly getting offers to tell stories, in far ranging places such as; Childminding Group (rated Ofsted 'Outstanding'), at many Festivals and Storytelling clubs, for Charitable organisations such as Mencap, at St Ethelberga's Peace and Reconciliation Center, adult and childrens birthday parties, Schools, Outdoor woodland based Youth Work programmes, and at an Adolescent Residential Mental Health Hospital, to name a few.

I now also run my own Storytelling event in Chelmsford Essex. It runs bi-monthly and it is going from strength to strengh. I get a good crowd in and I am lucky to have some very good Storytellers that attend regularly. Along with a few Storytelling Poets. I am also getting invites to tell Stories at Poetry events.

I also run a Therapeutic Story Group in a school in Essex, with a colleague. The small group of young children, attend once a week for 10 weeks, to work on their own Group Story, with my colleague and I, offering a little guidence. As I am also a qualified Counsellor  I combine my skills to run the Story Group in a Therapuetic way. It has been rated as very sucessful, the childrens feedback has been wonderful.   

If you think you would like to come along and tell either a story or a story poem. Please contact me in the first instance on 07709904053, or email me, or Facebook me. Thank you.

Home Region: Essex