Storyteller Directory Entry

Annette Armstrong

I am a storyteller in the oral tradition; nowadays sometimes called a ‘performance storyteller’. I became interested in oral storytelling during my bardic training as a druid. I discovered the art itself in 1997 at a symposium at Emerson College, East Sussex. The effect was akin to the ‘arrival’ of poetry for Pablo Neruda: “...And suddenly I saw the heavens unfastened......... I wheeled with the stars/ my heart broke loose on the wind.” Shortly after, I trained in speech and drama specialising in the voice for storytelling and poetry as well as drama.  
I have been a professional storyteller for around twelve years telling both to children and to adult audiences. I have a bias towards the Celtic tradition – a couple of major programmes are ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ (based on my own translation) and ‘Taliesin and the Cauldron of Ceridwen' - but I tell a wide variety of tales. My most recent show is a programme of autobiographical stories titled “Soul Stories for the End of Time”. I also run training workshops in storytelling and storymaking.  
Here is a review:  
“Listening to Annette tell a story is like seeing an artist painting a picture. She has the canvas, the brush and the paints and she creates a beautiful and very moving picture.” 

Home Region: East Sussex