Chip Colquhoun

Chip began storytelling professionally in 2007, co-founding Snail Tales with Amy Robinson. He's since performed in seven countries, represented the Oxford Reading Tree online, and wrote the EU guide to storytelling for schools as well as Cambridgeshire Folk Tales for Children (published by The History Press). He lives in Soham with Emma and Tito, and presents The Graticast on YouTube.

He has told stories around the country in major theatres, festivals, schools, museums, libraries, and even department stores! His business, Snail Tales, created the highly-praised Little Birds workshops which have received support from the Arts Council, the John Thaw Foundation, and numerous local authorities for their powerful deployment of storytelling to help children develop their confidence with creative thinking. He is soon to become the public face of the Oxford Reading Tree’s new Traditional Tales series, as well as embarking on Snail Tales’ third national theatre tour. His passion to continue the tradition of transference in oral storytelling drew him to the Society for Storytelling, and led to his desire to take a role on the Board supporting Area Reps. He is delighted to be be still involved with the Society working on Storylines with the Editor Tony Cooper in this exciting period of change and growth.