True Stories Told Live: Christmases Past

Saturday, 9 December 2017 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Chesterton Road
CB4 1BG Cambridge
Free. Donations

 True Stories Told Live: Christmases Past

Glenys Newton, our very own bard of Cambridge, is your host for the evening.Come and tell us about a Christmas you remember: were they really that good? Or that bad?!



Glenys Newton

Glenys Newton

I left home at quite an early age and went to work with horses in Italy. I came back 12 years later with a whole heap of stories to tell and a beautiful son.
While Chris was growing up I qualified as a social worker and worked in an adult community mental health team. I then worked in child and adolescent mental health, working in schools and with families in their homes and, latterly, in adoption.
After Chris had left home I threw all the cards in the air and had a life change. Whether it was a mid life crisis (they are great), or whether it was a reaction to Chris leaving home I don’t know, but I sold the house, packed my job in and trained to be a storyteller at The International School of Storytelling in Sussex.I spent the best part of a year living in my old post office van with my perpetually bemused lurcher dog, Tom.
I found that the itinerant lifestyle was one that was only ever just below the skin and, although I now live in a gorgeous little cottage, I spend a lot of time wandering about telling stories to anyone that will listen.

Stories are magic and very powerful. Writing and reading books is another way of being able to share our stories. However much technology advances, the need for us to share and listen to one another’s stories never goes away and within each person’s story there is a universal message and gift to us all. 


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