Sue Bailey is telling Tail Tales

Telling Tails
Event Type: 
Public Event
Age Restriction: 
Saturday, 27 January 2018 -
2:30pm to 3:30pm
Cowes Library
12-14 Beckford Road
PO31 7SG Cowes ,

Sue Bailey is telling Tail Tales. Stories of animals with waggy tails, shaggy tails or no tails at all.  For children aged 4 and over.   Wear a tail if you have one! 

Storytelling for children

For families/youth groups

Sue is out and about on the Isle of Wight a fair amount throughout the year, at festivals and open days, but if you would like your own event for your family get together, or Brownie/Cub group, or home education group meet-up, contact Sue.  She leads great storywalks, does superb birthday parties and will tailor her tales to your event.

For IOW schools

Stories and language acquisition go hand in hand for young children. They help children learn language patterns, develop their vocabulary, encourage prediction and support risk taking. There will be few British children who will not be able to join in with well known phrases such as ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’ from the nursery tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’.   Sue’s renditions of all the classic nursery tales have children joining in and retelling these favourite stories.

Older children use the framework of early years stories to make their own narratives.  They can be introduced to more complex stories,too, such as Greek myths, epic ballads and modern urban myths.

Sue’s workshops are an excellent way to develop children’s confidence in speaking in front of other people. In recent years she has run workshops for several Island primary schools helping children to prepare to enter the Isle of Wight Literary Festival’s storytelling competition ‘The Great Telling Off‘.