Rebel Queen

Peace shall not be granted to those who come to steal
Event Type: 
Public Event
Age Restriction: 
14 plus
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 - 7:30am

 'Rebel Queen'
The Britons had Queens, the Romans had Emperors. In 61 AD the two regimes met in an apocalyptic struggle that sent shockwaves resounding through the foundations of history. Boudicca, the Rebel Queen, flame haired and fierce, arose to repel the new Roman overlords when they sought to force the Britons to submit. The military might of the Empire was cast against the spirit and passion of the Britons and their beloved Queen; if the Romans had been looking to enjoy their new dominion in peace, they were mistaken. Peace would not be granted to those who came to steal - Rebel Queen is a storytelling show that tells the tale of Queen Boudicca and the rebellion against Roman rule as described by the historian Tacitus. It is a serious story that is laced with humour, charm, and the warm familiarity of the three storytellers who will use wit, music, and interaction to enlighten audiences about this foundational moment in British history. The show is 90 minutes long and is suitable for ages 14+.

Performed by Liam CarrollDave TongeSu Squire and Jim Kavanagh
(A different line up of 3 tellers at each event)

The tour details are: April: 18th Hunstanton Library 7.30 pm. Tel 01485 532280; 19th North Walsham Library Tel 01692 402482; 20th Fakenham Library 7.30 pm. Tel 0344 800 8020; 26th Dersingham Library 7.30 pm Tel 01485 540181. May: 4th Gaywood Library 7.30 pm Tel 01553 768498; 5th Westacre Theatre 7.00pm Tel 01760 755800; 11th Wells Library 7.30 pm 0300 123 2224; 18th Cromer Library 7.30 pm Tel 01263 512850; 19th Thetford Ancient House Museum 7.30 pm Tel 01842 752599; 28th Downham Market Town Hall 7.00 pm Tel 01366 381073.