The Gathering in Plymouth 2017

Friday, 5 May 2017 - 6:00pm to Sunday, 7 May 2017 - 6:00pm
Plymouth University Plymouth PL4 8AA

Just like the first ships sailed for the new world, after many journeys ~The Society for Storytelling is setting sail into  new unchartered waters. The crew are excited as we review are way forward into the sea that we know as the future. When the SfS was founded back in 1993 it was done in a time of great expansion with many people involved in storytelling for the first time during those early years... 

Now those storytellers have more than 20 years of experiance and their needs have changed. But they have also been joined by a whole oral army of new tellers with exciting gifts to share, with their new styles to explore and experiance and new ways to perform in front of new audiences. 

So its a time of exploration and cross fertilization, with tellers working with musicians and artists like never before. Not that it hasn't happened before, because it has, but where others like Ben Haggerty, Sally Pomme Clayton and Hugh Lupton have led the way, so those who have followed have taken their own view of that exploration and found other ways, with new material.

We have reached a time where the term Storyteller is being used across a much broader spectrum where Actors and Film directors, writers and artists are all being discribed as great examples of Storytelling! Its time that we emphised to the great general public~ the difference between what they are being told is Storytelling and the The Great Oral Tradition that we love so much~This tradition to us is STORYTELLING and it inspires us just like it inspired all those who went before us and no doubt those who will follow.

With this in Mind~ Liz Berg~The Gathering organiser is building a Gathering to explore how the SfS develops so that it can deliver what storytellers need for the future. I will be continuing to look at how the SfS can be a Community that works for ALL storytellers and enthusiasts of this amazing artform. Liz will be, in particular promoting workshops and presentations about Young Storytellers and what they are doing (and how the SfS can help them)~ For all of us ~There will be workshops to delve into, find and explore diversity in telling and workshops on how to promote yourself as a Storyteller, whether alone or if your working with other creatives...

The Workshops so far booked are

David Heathfield, storyteller  on cultural diversity in storytelling (which will be even more important given the Brexit vote and refugees across the globe)

Diana Mullis, storyteller  on using textiles in storytelling
Denzil Monk, Cornish Bard and co founder of Cornwall College's film school on digital storytelling - he created the digital Mazed Tales, geolocations and website as well as being the project manager on  the Man Engine, Golden Tree Productions
Lois Taylor, dancer and lecturer in dance on using the body whilst storytelling and getting inspiration from dance
A Presentation on how develop commercial links with organisers of storytelling events.
'What is the value line and how do you develop it and find a way into an area that seems like either a closed shop or something they just wouldn't do~because stories are just for children...aren't they?!
MIke O'Connor & Barbara Griggs will do preview of Odyesseus Dreaming
Tamar Williams, past Young Storyteller of the Year will be talking about her new show Branwen
There will be a presentation of 'The Cinderella Project'~which is the 2018 National Storytelling Week's Theme. 
Polly Tisdall past Young Storyteller of the Year will running a workshop
Sue Field, storyteller telling new Mazed Tales with Bill Chubb 
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I will be emailing all Members at the end of January with updates on the program, where to book tickets, find accomodation etc. 

Liz Berg and Paul Jackson

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