The Falcon Bride; the Icelandic Saga of Njal Katy Cawkwell~Aberystwyth

Katy Cawkwell
Event Type: 
Public Event
Thursday, 15 February 2018 -
7:00pm to 9:15pm
10 Market place
SY23 1DL Aberystwyth
Suggested Amount to the Artist £5-£10
The Falcon Bride; the Icelandic Saga of Njal
Katy Cawkwell
Medina, Stryd y Farchnad / Market St, Aberystwyth, 
Nos Iau / Thursday evening, Chwefror 15 February. 
“It seems unlikely that this is the last wedding
where you will feature as the bride…”
Beautiful, fierce and deadly, Hallgerd is not a
woman to be taken lightly, ripping through
husbands like a falcon through its prey. But has
she met her match in Gunnar, a true Viking hero?

Katy Cawkwell tells episodes from the great
Icelandic Saga of Njal. Darkly comic, tragically
romantic by turns, this tale will have you gripped
and offers a fascinating glimpse into pagan society
in the land of fire and ice. The original Nordic Noir!