The Gathering Workshops 5th ~ 7th May 2017 Plymouth University

The Storytelling Workshops will be led by David Heathfield, Terrie Howey, Sharon Jacksties, Denzil Monk, Mike O'Connor and Barbara Griggs, Lois Taylor, Polly Tisdall to name a few, they will open eyes, hearts and bodies to the changing world around us, giving you the chance to explore new ways to tell.


Remaining Details of the workshops will be added in the coming week and should all be on the site by the 25th. There will also be all the Biographies added this week.

There are a number of other events going to be added as 'extra's because there are  Storytellers who would like to be involved and we are looking at a rolling programme outside and an extra 'Telling space' so that when you are here, you can all get a chance to tell one too!