Oral storytelling is one of the most ancient artforms, and continues to this day as a vibrant part of culture throughout the world.  The Society for Storytelling was founded in 1993 to support and promote storytelling in England and Wales.  We provide a central place to find out about storytelling events, to ask for advice on using storytelling, and to find storytellers.

Latest Updates

Storytelling and Music by Candlelight, the Old Chapel, Upminster Tired? Stressed at work? Leave the real world for a few hours and lose yourself in the magic of storytelling. More
An evening of dark London folklore Cityread London 2015 event - Rediscover the enchantment of adult stories with virtuoso storyteller Vanessa Woolf. More
Photograph of Richard Francis Burton Tongues of Flame An exploration of the fascinating life of Richard F. Burton (1821 – 1890) from celebrated story-teller Giles Abbot. More
Old Spark Flier Old Spark of the Blood-Heat: Ted Hughes and the Myth World A weekend delving into the myths that inform the poetry of Ted Hughes, and walking the landscape that inspired him. We will gather on Dartmoor to explore the fundament of Hughes’s imagination. More
Story Jam - The Centre of the Middle Hold on to your seats as we barrel across the continent to the icy waters of the north. Stories that will make your hearts flutter and your tummies tighten...It's the centre of the middle! More
THE GOLDEN GARDEN A family afternoon of Art (making your own Garden of Gold), Song Creation (to sing in the story) and storytelling with musician Tom Veck and storyteller Michael Loader. More
Krishna's magic flute MAGIC FLUTES by Wild Words Journey through Europe and Asia with Wild Words, the music of Mozart, Indian Kathak dance, Hindu Gods and flying puppets! More
The Falcon Bride - Performance Storytelling by Katy Cawkwell “This probably won’t be the last wedding where you feature as the bride…” More
Shaggy Dog Storytellers March Club Night Dominic Kelly 
"The Hero Light"
Crick Crack Club Talks: Debunking Robin Hood w. Prof Ronald Hutton Robin Hood is the most celebrated outlaw hero in world tradition, a pretty impressive achievement, seeing as heroic outlaws are found all over the planet. More
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